Krumpfer Real Estate LLC.

Our Value Statement

Dear Buyers and Sellers:

The Real Estate market is constantly adjusting to local and global situations. The world and our lives go through ups and downs with events, economic shifts, health conditions, climate shifts, and personal situations. There will be times when you’ll relocate, re-size, and refinance according to the phases of your life.

Krumpfer Real Estate, LLC offers concierge services to match Buyers’ and Seller’ unique personalities, needs, desires, tastes, buying power, etc. Whether you’re selling or buying Real Esate, there are a few critical tasks that you must entrust to your Realtor:

  • PRICING: Krumpfer Real Estate prepares for you a customized Market Analysis with three valuation models and information about the property, neighborhood, and market, establishing the value of the target property.
  • NEGOTIATING: It’s critical that your Realtor be able to explain to you the “state of the market” and negotiation strategy to ensure you get a fair price. Krumpfer Real Estate’s team is comprised of market valuation experts and certified negotiation experts with the depth and breadth of experience to get you the best price.
  • TRANSACTION PARTNERS: The most common mistake Sellers and Buyers make is using their “parent’s attorney”, “my bank”, “my friend”, etc. While good for other transactions, Real Estate is a specialized field. The partners you choose will make or break the transaction. Krumpfer Real Estate has identified the best Attorneys, Lenders, Home Inspectors, Title Company, etc. Our preferred partners are the best, and often far less expensive.
  • SERVICES: Whether you’re a Seller with a unique situation or unique home, or a Buyer with unique needs and wants, you should expect your Realtor to customize its service specifically for you. Krumpfer Real Estate offers the tools and services that the biggest brokerages offer, but with a boutique style concierge service to meet every client’s needs.
  • AVAILABILITY: The biggest complaint Seller and Buyers have about their Realtors is inability to connect. Krumpfer Real Estate uses Super-Star Teams with a point-Agent and partner-Agents to ensure we’re available when you need.

When you are ready, give us a call, send an e-mail, or find us on to schedule an appointment.